Strategic Branding

Our Brand Evolution Process


Create A Strong Brand

Design Brief Phase

No. 1 — Design Brief

This is where your logo design process begins. From this planning stage to the final logo delivery, we’ll work with you to better understand your project requirements. During our first meeting, we’ll discuss how your new brand identity will be created. We’ll gather information about your business, such as target audience, in what capacity you will use your logo (billboards, letterheads, etc.), preferable color schemes, among other things, so that we may best attract your demographic.

Research + Planning Phase

No. 2 — Research + Planning

Now that we’ve gathered your logo preferences, we’ll start the research phase. Here, we’ll delve deeper into what your company stands for, who your competitors are, and what kind of mindset your every-day consumer has. We may also ask you specific strategic questions- some logos subtly allude to certain geographical locations or industry-specific themes- so that we can subtly coax your future customers from ‘window-shopping’ to ‘wallet-ready.’

Brainstorming Phase

No. 3 — Brainstorming

Time to brainstorm! Armed with keywords describing your business, and a concrete understanding of your company’s product or service, we start conceptualizing logo themes and text. We’ll create a variety of sketches to ensure we examine all possible angles and directions. This process may take some time- as some designs take time to ‘steep’ before becoming perfect for quelling your logo needs.

Draft Production Phase

No. 4 — Draft Production

Now that we’ve spent a considerable time sketching options, we’ll move into the draft production stage. We’ll implement the best sketches into Adobe Illustrator, a vector-based drawing program. Here, they’ll ‘come to life’ as we add more color and detail, and tweak them to match your wishes. We’ll spend time on fonts, especially if your logo is a ‘wordmark.’ These type of logos rely solely on words or text, and are created differently than logos that don’t include text in the primary end product. Either way, font selection is vital to creating a more effective final product.

Client Feedback Phase

No. 5 — Client Feedback

A number of logo options have now been created, so we’ll present you the most effective logo choices for consideration. If requested, we can deliver the options contextually, so that you can better see how the logo would look on a piece of collateral. The logos will be accompanied by a written description of the product, and you’ll take the options to your team to consider. At this time, we welcome your ideas and notes on the design, and will make adjustments on our side for anything you’ve come up with. More revisions are possible until you feel satisfied with the final product.

Delivery Phase

No. 6 — Delivery

Once you’re satisfied with the logo, we’ll deliver a variety of file types so that you can use your shiny new logo on various mediums. Important file types include EPS, JPEG, and possibly TIF, depending on the circumstances. We may also deliver a black and white version of the final logo, if needed. In the event that the logo is detailed, we may create and give you a smaller and scalable version. We want to give you the tools for any future possible needs, so that we may better prevent the need for corrections and revisions in the future.

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