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Create A Winning Website

Planning Phase

No. 1 — Planning

This is where the entire Denver web design process begins. From this planning stage to the initial launch, we’ll gather information to better meet your project requirements. Upon understanding your needs, Klik will start building the information architecture and move forward with the first draft of your interactive prototype.

Prototyping Phase

No. 2 — Prototyping

The prototyping phase sets the tone of your new website and realized identity. Using InVision, we’ll provide you with two distinctly different ‘mock-up’ home pages. These ‘dummy-pages’ are custom made with interactive buttons and animations so you can see and feel your prospective new website. Your job is to decide which one you like most, or what pieces you prefer from each- once you’ve decided, let us know and we’ll proceed with that style and design.

Design Phase

No. 3 — Design

Once you’re happy with your homepage prototype, we begin stylizing the subpages of your website. The homepage has already set the tone for your website- so this part is simpler. You will be kept up-to-date and able to check up on the progress of your subpages as they are created and then submitted to InVision. Please note- in this stage it is vital you keep good communication and tell us exactly what you love or dislike… it will only better the end result!

Development Phase

No. 4 — Development

When the final designs of your website have been completed, we migrate the information and styles to a staging server. This means you’re online! We’ll then give you a link to your real home page, and you may at any time check up on the progress and construction of your soon-to-be-launched website.

Proofing Phase

No. 5 — Proofing

Here, your website has been built in full and we’ll enter the review stage. Together, we’ll make sure everything is working correctly and to your liking- from animation to any finishing touches. And if your website still needs copy, Klik Denver web design provides quick and easy in-house copywriting services. Finally, it’s time to take your new website for a test-drive. So give it a spin- perhaps by placing yourself in the mindset of your targeted consumer.

Launch Phase

No. 6 — Launch

You’re ready for launch! Together, we’ll make sure all your old website’s links redirect to your new site. Then, we’ll set a time outside of business hours to launch your website. After your website has launched, we’ll schedule a preliminary training meeting. During this meeting we’ll discuss any problems you may have editing or navigating the front-end of the website. If any arise, we’ll walk you through the solutions and create custom 4K video tutorials based solely on any difficulties you may experience.

Review Period Phase

No. 7 — Review Period

During the first 30 days after your website’s launch, Klik Denver web design will monitor and gather information on your new website. This information- such as increased website traffic, qualified leads, growing brand awareness, etc- will then be delivered in a report on the 30th day.

Where to next? (Continued Partnership) Phase

No. 8 — Where to next? (Continued Partnership)

Klik Denver web design looks forward to a continued partnership with you and offers a variety of supplemental services to continue building your business or organization. If any website additions are needed, we provide hourly maintenance plans to accommodate your needs. We also specialize in copywriting, social media management, SEO and blogging, along with a variety of marketing opportunities. Please contact us at any time- we look forward to your call.

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